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Rock Balancing

Harmonia Healing and Wellness, LLC

Empowerment Coaching and Nutrition Counseling

Why Naturopathy

Why Harmonia Healing and Wellness, LLC?

We can help with:

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We live in an abundant universe. The only thing that limits us is feeling like we're limited. Harness the power of your beliefs to reach your authentic and higher self.

Disease Management & Reversal 

90% of chronic disease is due to our lifestyle choices. Your diagnosis doesn't have to control your life. Take back your power and learn to heal your body.   

Improved Energy

Sick and tired of being sick and sick and tired? Everything from what we put in our body, how much sleep we get and how we nurture our soul affects how we feel. Learn how to thrive, not just survive!


Women's Health

Women's bodies are constantly changing, and so are our health needs. We combine nutrition, spiritual practices and movement to help us become the goddesses that we are. 


Improving gut health is the first step to healing your body and improving your life! We'll combine healthy eating with stress management to improve your gut biome.

Weight Management

No food police here! Learn to love yourself, listen to your body and reach your goal weight. Stop the yo-yo dieting and heal your relationship with food.

Your Health Starts Here

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